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About the Pineridge Community Association

Our Vision:
Pineridge Community Association is an inclusive and vibrant organization providing accessible opportunities for participation in our diverse community.

Our Mission:
Pineridge Community Association encourages growth and opportunity for its community.

Our Values:
In fulfilling our vision and mission, the Pineridge Community Association believes in:

• Embracing the needs of our community.
• Creating an environment that will foster a clear vision for the community.
• Affordability, diversity and openness in the programs offered at the Pineridge Community Centre.
• Treating all members, volunteers, and staff with dignity and respect.
• Taking responsibility for the financial well-being of the Community Association.


Meet Your Board

Cherise Stock
Cherise Stock
1st Vice President
Mikkel Nannan
Mikkel Nannan
2nd Vice President
Karey Kalo

Fun Facts

Elected Officials

Ward 10
City Councillor

Ray Jones

Calgary Cross

Mickey Amery

Calgary Forest Lawn

Jasraj Hallan